PFA Exclusive Dinners

Since 2010.

We're on event number 65.  And year 4 with our wonderful international trips.

We've presented Portlanders with the opportunity to be the first ever to enjoy some of Portland's most iconic restaurants, with opening night dinners at Portland's iconic restaurants, like Ox, Tasty N Alder, Coquine, Meditteranean Exploration Company and more.  Our dinners attract people who love food in a wonderful, social atmosphere.  We are proud to know that many of our patrons who meet others for the first time at PFAs, come back and request they sit with their new-found friends.  

Everyone at our dinners WANTS to be there, and paid for the opportunity themselves.  It's not a corporate shmooze thing.  Chances are, whomever you are sitting with will be able to share some of their favorite Portland places and food destinations with you.

Travel with Chefs & Artisans


One-of-a-kind trips developed just for you to experience the best of our fantastic destinations.  We've been offering trips to Europe since 2015, and continue to expand our horizons.

We feature the best dining experiences, from cheap eats (but delicious!) to pop-ups, workshops and fantastic restaurants.  And our groups are extremely fun, and mostly all from Portland, so you'll have something in common with our guests.  Plus, who else gets to enjoy a full week with a chef like Jose Chesa?  Even his family doesn't get to socialize with him for a week straight, and eat at his favorite places where his love of food was developed.  

Itineraries for 2018 journeys here:

Spain with Ataula Chef Jose Chesa

Sicily with Taste of Italy's Astrid Ensign

Mexico City with Xocolatl de David's David Briggs & Catherine Manterola

or chat directly --no-pressure--with Chris Angelus, PFA Founder, here:


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We have an unusual gift program for companies in need of something unique to give to clients or employees.  Each Portland artisan product is linked to one of our podcasts, so not only are the boxes delicious, but they're a way to learn more about the Portland food world.