Portland Food Adventures Chef's Choice dinners are unique events that celebrate the collaborative spirit of our unique food-loving city.  Since 2010, our multi-course paired dinners have featured interactivity with chefs and artisans in a wonderful party atmosphere.  At the end of each dinner, your host chef talks about his or her favorite places to eat and drink in Portland, and you'll leave with gift certificates to try at least three of them, usually worth over $40 per person.  All dinners are paired and include gratuity.  So, using your gift certificates, this is over 4 experiences for the price of your ticket.  The best value in Portland events!

(Occasionally we will have a smaller tasting event, but not to worry, we'll always have a takeaway!) 

Chefs who have been part of our adventure since 2010.  They've recommended over 200 places you should go, too.

You can't go wrong with any of these places. (Unbold means no longer open.)

(Check back as we update the website, with all of the chef's recommendations)

John Gorham / Tasty N Alder / Sons & MEC (opening night dinners MEC and Tasty N Alder, Sons, reopening)
Gabriel Rucker / Le Pigeon
Cathy Whims / Nostrana
Jason French / Ned Ludd
Vitaly Paley / Imperial & Paley's (3x)
Scott Dolich/David Sapp / Park Kitchen (2x)
Jenn Louis / 
Anthony Cafiero / Tabla
Jobie Bailey and Timothy Wastell / DOC
David Anderson, Daniel Mondok / 
Nick Yanes / H5O Bistro
Alex Yoder / Olympic Provisions
Trent Pierce / 
Wafu (opening)
Aaron Barnett
/ St. Jack (3x)
Kat Liebman, Zoe Hackett / Cocotte
Jasper Shen, Kat Whitehead, Sarah Pliner / Aviary
Kaoru Ishii / 
Chris Carriker / Gilt Club
Greg Denton & Gabrielle Quinonez Denton / Ox (opening)
Courtney Sproule & Pascal Souton / 
Milwaukie Kitchen-dindin
Tony Meyers / Serratto
Gregory Gourdet / Departure
Greg Perrault / 
Johanna Ware / smallwares
David Gaspar de Alba, Kyle Lovell / Yakuza
Chris Israel / Gruner
Adam Higgs / Acadia
Earl Ninsom / PaaDee
Scott Snyder / 
Rick Gencarelli / Lardo-Grassa (opening)
Kelly Myers / Xico
Sarah Schafer / Irving St Kitchen
Jose Chesa / Ataula
Will Preisch & Joel Stocks / Holdfast
Bonnie Morales / Kachka
Adam & Jackie Sappington / Country Cat
Joshua McFadden/Ethan Stowell
guest chef / Ava Gene’s
Ben Bettinger / Laurelhurst Market
Carlo Lamagna / Clyde Common
Oswaldo Bibiano / Autentica
Erik Van Kley / 
Taylor Railworks (opening)
Katy Millard / Coquine (opening)
Maya Lovelace / Mae
Daniel Mondok / Raven & Rose
Maylin Chavez / Olympia Oyster Bar
Jose Luis de Cassio
/ Paiche
Dana Frank / Dame

Castagna Cafe / Justin Woodward
Javier Canteras / Urdaneta
Patrick McKee / Southfork

Matt Sigler / Renata