“Every moment a true pleasure.”

Traveling through Barcelona with an award-winning chef who grew up there... Seriously, what's not to love? The food spanned the full spectrum, from cheap eats to the finest dining. We even ended up across the restaurant from Gwyneth Paltrow (in case you're wondering how "fine" some of the dining experiences are). We got to experience food ranging from traditional to contemporary, as well as beyond innovative. And the amicability and friendliness of both the group and tour organizers made every moment a true pleasure.

— N.B.

"I could never have done this on my own"

“I could never have done this on my own. Even knowing where to go, nothing beats having José there to order and recommend. Dining with a group is always more fun for me.”

— C.B.

“experiences I never could have done independently...”

The PFA to Tuscany included experiences I could never have done independently. Exploring the cuisine and sights with a small group was a wonderful way to travel and savor the joys of Italy.

— W.B.

"We had the opportunity to meet a wonderful group of new best friends..."

“Often times traveling using guidebooks and recommendations is still like taking a shot in the dark — you might hit the target, but often you miss. Traveling with PFA to Barcelona allowed us to sit back and enjoy hitting the target every single time when it came to restaurants and experiences. Beyond that we had the opportunity to meet a wonderful group of new best friends with similar interests who live right in our own backyard, all while enjoying opportunities that a single person or couple would virtually never get to experience traveling on their own such as behind the scenes access to top chefs and restaurants...”

— J.C.

“...exceeded my expectations...”

I had previously gone with Chris and PFA to Barcelona. Which is why I was confident this would be a wonderful trip. And it exceeded my expectations. A truffle hunt and truffle such on the family veranda! You can't imagine how special that was! Chris and Astrid made this an adventure to be remembered!

— P.W.

"What a great trip to Barcelona..."

"We’ve been home now for four days, and we’re still saying 'WOW, what a great trip to Barcelona'.  We thank both you and Chef Jos for planning and executing the week’s activities…” 

— A.S.